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poetry and flash fiction anthology Records, Rivers and Rats



Records, Rivers and Rats

The 2018 poetry and flash fiction anthology from Earlyworks Press

Records, Rivers and Rats offers words poets didn't say, images artists didn't paint, stories history doesn't tell and the meaning of 'Faraj'. You will see the kicked forwardness of a ball, the sinking of an iceburg and the raising of a gastrolith; you will hear the movement of a pencil, voices without, voices in a drawer, voices as open as mountains and moors; you may baulk at fleshy symbolism or the realities of the flesh, or make journeys between worlds, across the world, down the garden and beyond the margins of a chess board.

This collection includes work by our competition winners and short lists from 2018. The first section is led by work from Christopher M James, winner of our poetry competition, and the second by Jim Bowen, winner of the flash fiction competition.


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