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The loveliest of all

was the Froggicorn

Kay Green & Katy Jones

"A finalist and highly recommended." - Wishing Shelf Awards 2016




Bother, Trouble and an RAF childhood - excellent blog post from S P MOSS 



The Driftwood Tree

by John Benn &

Catherine Edmunds




Gustav Holst

the Man and his Music

by Michael Short



Guest publication



CORBYN: The Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics

by Richard Seymour



Guest publication:



The Prostitute State

by Donnachadh McCarthy






The meeting place of eight poets

*eight of the best from the Earlyworks Press Poetry Collection Competition*



Georges Perec is my hero

by Caron Freeborn

*Winner of the Earlyworks Press Poetry Collection Competition, 2014*




Circaidy Gregory Press and Earlyworks Press

 at Exeter Street Hall, People's Republic of Brighton and Hove, June 24th 2016

The mobile book exhibition arrives in Brighton and finds it to be a friendly place,

pauses to check the map,

finds the good people of Exeter Street have left way-markers,

and arrives at Exeter Street Hall. Time to prepare for a celebration.

Setting up the music...

Setting up the bar...

and the book display...

Readings from Convergence by Andie Lewenstein, Eilidh Thomas and Mandy Pannett

Music from Phil Gravett and Linda Hardcastle

... dancing? I don't remember dancing but it appears there was dancing.

Readings from The Ball of the Future and The Several Deaths of Finbar's Father by

Barbara Lorna Hudson, Katrina Collett and Yvonne Mallett.

Wine and conversation...

Readings from Journeys Beyond and Alcaeus by

Jonathan Page, Harvey Martin and R J Dent.

Sincere thanks to all from Kay Green, who really needed a happy evening! Ah, now there's the station -

just need to trolley the mobile book exhibition over that cliff there...