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The loveliest of all

was the Froggicorn

Kay Green & Katy Jones

"A finalist and highly recommended." - Wishing Shelf Awards 2016




Bother, Trouble and an RAF childhood - excellent blog post from S P MOSS 



The Driftwood Tree

by John Benn &

Catherine Edmunds




Gustav Holst

the Man and his Music

by Michael Short



Guest publication



CORBYN: The Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics

by Richard Seymour



Guest publication:



The Prostitute State

by Donnachadh McCarthy






The meeting place of eight poets

*eight of the best from the Earlyworks Press Poetry Collection Competition*



Georges Perec is my hero

by Caron Freeborn

*Winner of the Earlyworks Press Poetry Collection Competition, 2014*





Gustav Holst the Man and his Music cover image

Paperback ISBN 9781906451820 

400 pages + 16 pages of photos.

Extensive musical examples and analysis.

New information and images.


        18.99  + £5 p&p to UK

                 + £10 p&p to Europe



       + £15 p&p outside Europe


Isolbel and Gustav Holst

Isobel & Gustav Holst 1903

Gustav Holst

The Man and his Music

by Michael Short

Holst at St Paul's

"It's the only thing of its kind, and so indispensable"

- Julian Rushton
Emeritus Professor of Music, University of Leeds, Chairman, Musica Britannica


Holst by Catherine Edmunds

Gustav Holst: Work in Progress

© 2014 Catherine Edmunds


Writer and composer Michael Short's original biography of Gustav Holst, written after extensive work with Holst's daughter Imogen, was published in 1990, but has been out of print for some time. Now, thanks to the support of the Holst Foundation,  a new text has been prepared, released in September 2014, featuring Short's detailed, expert analysis of Holst's musical style and including newly available information and more illustrations. Editor Kay Green also wishes to offer heartfelt thanks to  Elaine Andrews at Morley College, Alex Bell, Catherine Edmunds, Jim Littlejohn and Mandy Pannett, for generously given help and support in the preparation of the book.


Tony Palmer


Tony Palmer writes:  


"Michael Short's biography is an absolutely indispensable guide to the curious life of this greatly underestimated composer."


"The reasons Holst is underestimated are brilliantly analysed by Short - the tragedy of being mostly known by just one work, The Planets. But what was crucial for me when preparing my film biography were the pointers the book gave me towards what was truly fascinating about Holst - the composer's interest in Eastern philosophy and sounds, his journeyings to North Africa, his spare choral works, the amazing writing for string instruments and the influence of that on Benjamin Britten, even the relationship between Cheltenham, where Holst came from, and India. 


Michael Short's book is a treasure house of information, and it's an outrage that it's been out-of-print for so long."


Find out more about Tony Palmer's films here:

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Tony Palmer film


"Mr Short's book is a landmark among tributes."
Anthony Burgess Observer, 21/10/1990

It's not just about 'The Planets'...


Gustav Holst


The inspiring teacher

"In Holst's presence one felt one's own musical stature heightened and one's powers strangely augmented." - Edmund Rubbra.


The ambassador for modern music

"He realised that Schoenberg's themes would never be whistled by the man in the street, but he incorporated some of Schoenberg's ideas into his own work, adding his individual capacity for direct communication..." - Michael Short


The social ambassador

"Most of the students [at Morley College] had left school at an early age and worked at humdrum jobs in London, so that Morley often became for them the main centre of their existence, one of them describing the College as 'a sort of heaven we go to on Mondays and Wednesdays'" - Imogen Holst


Holst birthplace museum

Birthplace museum Photo courtesy of Jane Greening


Holst statue in Chetenham

Stature in Cheltenham Photo courtesy of Jane Greening



Marching into prayers at primary school
they used to play a 78 of Mars.
There began my love of music
and of astronomy. The perfect fool
had found his round peg’s round hole:
to sing squarely of the stars
to a generation who would lose its
sight and hearing before it had grown old.