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High King school workshops

High King School Workshops

High King by Sue Hoffmann

Launched at Linghams Booksellers and café

If you would like Sue to bring the Almari creative workshop

activities to a school or bookshop near you, please email us for details


There may be dragons - but they will be friendly ones.


High King School Workshops       High King School Workshops

High King School Workshops

High King School Workshops

High King by Sue Hoffmann - cover image

The Royal House of Almar - geanology chart

Imagine you are the first to set foot in a new land. 

Keep imagining...

A new land and a new start for the Almari people
but have they brought an old enemy with them?

As the old country breaks down, ravaged by earthquakes and plague, an advance fleet of Almari ships sets out in search of the mythical paradise island that some believe awaits them far across the sea. They find a wonderful land, but a land with voices in the night and many mysteries to solve. And what has become of High King Lantor? When more ships are finally seen on the horizon, do they bring the old powers with them -- or plague, disaster and new enemies? Young Zenton and his cousin are finding their strengths and becoming the leaders of their generation, but what will they do when dissent and violence break out in paradise?

It should have been a sanctuary -- the refuge promised in legend.
The Almari should have been safe here.

High King is an insightful fantasy, a rites of passage novel
set in a land of danger, mystery and challenge.

Ebook for Kindle (other formats on request - email us)

High King paperback ISBN 9781906451806 £7.49 + P&P

     £7.49  + £2.75 p&p to UK


             £7.49 + £5 p&p to Eu

             £7.49 + £8 p&p outside Europe

To order by post, please send a PO or UK cheque payable to Kay Green

to The Creative Media Centre, 45 Robertson Street, Hastings, Sussex TN34 1HL

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