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Left of the Moon

Monica Tracey writes with sympathy, warmth and wisdom. Her gentle, assured storytelling will please a wide readership, and her composed and confident prose is a joy.  She writes about the big and universal themes, love and loss, war and a kind of conditional peace, bringing to these topics two qualities that rarely go together: a depth of experience, and a keen appreciation of life’s pleasures and possibilities.  - Hilary Mantel

          Family secrets and dramatic encounters  reach from Ireland to Italy and across the generations

"Left of the Moon" by Monica Tracey cover pic

ebook ISBN 978-1-906451-40-0

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or in Kindle edition.

Against her family’s wishes, the recently widowed Isabel agrees to leave Ireland and accompany her cousin Grace on a holiday to Italy. Their journey takes them to a British Military Cemetery near the Adriatic, to the grave of a young soldier who died in 1943. With the help of a veteran of the Italian campaign, Grace and Isabel unearth family secrets that have lain hidden for more than half a century. 

The novel shifts between the contemporary perspectives of Isabel and her manipulative mother, Rita, and the 1943 diary of a young Venetian woman. Isabel and Grace realise that the past is not dead and can still change their families’ lives forever. Out of the sorrows of war, both women see a chance of happiness. 

Can these new discoveries heal the rifts between the women, and explain Rita’s apparent rejection of her daughter?


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