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Down Bottle Alley

Brian began drinking at the age of ten, was an alcoholic by the time he was fifteen, and forty-five years later, he is still struggling with the demon drink. He says, "My first drink was in 1953 at the Coronation. I still drink, make no mistake of that...the play is a warning to the younger people about the dangers: that drinking is so powerful if it gets a grip on you. I've lost wives, jobs and it's sent me to prison."

'Down Bottle Alley' by Tom O'Brien - cover pic    


I know everything about drink - 
except how to stop.


 The two Brians - the older and the younger, played by Mike Aherne and James Lawne.

Have you ever wished you could go back and advise your younger self? Would it work? Could you bear to listen to your older self? Here, in a scene from the play, are the two Brians - the older and the younger - played by Mike Aherne and James Lawne.


Book launch and performances


Brian's Book


What Tom O'Brien did next....

When Borough Engineer Sidney Little designed a covered walkway for Hastings seafront, he had no idea he was creating a bolt-hole where alcoholics and other ‘undesirables’ would meet and shelter. 

There’s a ‘Bottle Alley’ in every town, but who are the people you find there, and what is a town to make of its vagrant alcoholics? As a Hastings town councillor put it, ‘no-one leaves school with an ambition to become a street drinker.’

‘Down Bottle Alley’ is a personal story, an adaptation of Brian Charles Harding’s extraordinary biography, which has proved to be an enlightening experience even for those who thought they knew all there was to know about alcoholism and vagrancy.


'Down Bottle Alley' the book of the play: full script plus lyrics of Tony Peek's song and information and photos of Brian, Bottle Alley and its maker Sidney Little, the 'Concrete King' and of previous performances.


ISBN 978 1 906451 21 9

       £7.99  + £1   p&p to UK

         £7.99  + £2.50 p&p to Europe


          £ 7.99  + £5 p&p USA & RoW

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