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The loveliest of all

was the Froggicorn

Kay Green & Katy Jones

"A finalist and highly recommended." - Wishing Shelf Awards 2016




Bother, Trouble and an RAF childhood - excellent blog post from S P MOSS 



The Driftwood Tree

by John Benn &

Catherine Edmunds




Gustav Holst

the Man and his Music

by Michael Short



Guest publication



CORBYN: The Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics

by Richard Seymour



Guest publication:



The Prostitute State

by Donnachadh McCarthy






The meeting place of eight poets

*eight of the best from the Earlyworks Press Poetry Collection Competition*



Georges Perec is my hero

by Caron Freeborn

*Winner of the Earlyworks Press Poetry Collection Competition, 2014*




The Revolution Trilogy


Winds of October: 

book 1 of the Revolution trilogy paperback  ISBN 978-1-910841-45-7 


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Winds of October 

is the first novel in Alan Gibbons’ 

Revolution trilogy


A fight to the death, a desperate robbery, a search for a home as mounted Cossacks chase down protestors around her - Raisa is coming of age in Petrograd amidst the rapids of revolution.

‘Don’t be scared, my sister. This is it. 

This is the revolution.’

As if to give physical form to the momentous events, an armoured car came racing down the road, twin red flags fluttering. It was welcomed with roars and cheering...

So begins an odyssey through the climactic events in Russia between February and October 1917. Winds of October charts the hopes, dreams and loves of five young participants in one of the greatest moments in history.


£8.99 + £2.75 p&p


£8.99 + £5 p&p

Outside EU

£8.99 + £8.50 p&p


Reason in Revolt: 

book 2 of the Revolution trilogy paperback  ISBN 978-1-910841-48-8


Publication date

April 2018



For trade/multiple orders or queries, please

email Circaidy Gregory


Reason in Revolt 

is the second novel in Alan Gibbons’ 

Revolution trilogy


Petrograd, November 1917. The revolution is victorious but October was only the beginning. Maybe taking power was the easier part. Now, the young revolutionaries face a deadly game of civil war that will test them to their limits.

This is history at its most

visceral - and deadly.


£8.99 + £2.75 p&p


£8.99 + £5 p&p

Outside EU

£8.99 + £8.50 p&p



The third novel in the trilogy, 'Spurn the Dust',  is due out in autumn 2018 details here soon.

About the Author

Alan Gibbons has been writing children’s and Young Adult fiction for 26 years. He is the winner of The Blue Peter Book Award 2000 ‘The book I couldn’t put down’ for his best-selling book Shadow of the Minotaur and has won seventeen other awards.


Winds of October is Alan's

first adult novel.

Before becoming an author Alan was a teacher for 16 years. Alan is a full time writer and independent educational consultant. He is the organiser of the Campaign for the Book, which promotes libraries and the culture of reading for pleasure. Alan visits 150-180 schools and libraries a year in the UK and abroad, working with young people to encourage their interest in reading and writing.






  Signing 13th October, 7.30pm

Alan Gibbons at

Write Blend

Books and Coffee shop,

South Road, Waterloo,



Pupils' achievement is very good. This is due to the effective deployment of the talented Author in Residence, and the focused teaching of skills in dedicated writing lessons.

Ofsted Report on one of Alan's schools



If you would like Alan to visit your school, 

library or youth group, email Alan


Alan's Website: