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From the author of The Bother in Burmeon...

Billy's knowledge is a time bomb - and time is slipping away

Trouble in Teutonia  by S P Moss

A steam carousel whirls Billy

into the middle of the last century,

the middle of the Cold War,

the middle of a mystery


- but is it a sequel or a prequel? -

Only time will tell!

Trouble in Teutonia Cover Image

Who has kidnapped Kathleen, the daughter of US space scientists?

Where is the missing prototype jet fighter?

Why is the legendary Beast of Ratshausen back, haunting the forest?

And what is an international criminal doing in command  of an RAF station?

£8.49  + £3 p&p to UK  

            £8.49 + £5 p&p to Eu

   £8.49 + £8 p&p outside Eu

Or, to order by post, please send a PO or UK cheque payable to Kay Green

to The Creative Media Centre, 45 Robertson Street, Hastings, Sussex TN34 1HL

   SP Moss with carousel

   Author S P Moss researching for 'Trouble in Teutonia'


Evil, fiendish and dastardly he may be, but you can't fault Featherstonehaugh's taste in cars.

Featherstonehaugh's latest sports car


More info on S P Moss's Pinterest and Facebook pages.

From readers' reviews online...

SP Moss has a real way with words that evokes both a sense of the time and the setting – there are plenty of planes and cars for the enthusiasts, and for every boy or girl who wants to be an astronaut - there’s even a rocket! - Squidge's Scribbles

Trouble in Teutonia is packed with mystery and exciting twists and turns, with the villainous master criminal Featherstonehaugh from Bother in Burmeon making a welcome reappearan
ce. - Christine Tennent

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