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In Bacchus Wynd, Cathy Edmunds has given us a character with Asperger’s who is not there for comic relief, or as a plot device, or as a problem to be solved, but as a character alongside other characters. Like them, he must find his own answer to the question of how well we can ever really know each other, and whether it is ever safe to allow others to know us.  –  Joanne Limburg

Bacchus Wynd by Catherine Edmunds cover pic

Review by Elizabeth Barrett


Paperback ISBN 9781906451936  Bacchus Wynd, the long-awaited prequel to Serpentine


        7.99  + £2.75 p&p to UK

                     + £5 p&p to Europe


                     + £7.50 p&p RoW


At the Café

on the Corner

    of Bacchus Wynd...

Emma is fascinated by an Impressionist seascape she sees in a local gallery. Grains of sand are caught forever in the paint – trapped, just as she is in a claustrophobic relationship with John. Each week the two of them meet their friends in the café on the corner of Bacchus Wynd; each week Emma is convinced that Toby is her only means of escape – but Evan is watching, and he knows Toby’s secret.

Meanwhile, John’s life is falling apart. Renée senses the impending crisis, but is well aware of how hard it is to help John – and what of her own feelings, torn between the compulsion to resurrect their old affair, and her own growing desire for Toby?

As Emma, John, Renée and Evan struggle with increasingly fraught emotions, Toby fills his head with facts, believing one day he’ll know enough of them not to be frightened of anything – but his strategy isn’t working.

The next two weeks will change everything as Emma takes drastic action, Renée’s past catches up with her and John is finally forced to deal with long-suppressed truths.

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        Also by Catherine Edmunds

         Serpentine cover image



Why do so many artists seem hell-bent on self-destruction?

Already read Bacchus Wynd?

  Serpentine is a stand-alone novel but it offers a chance to revisit some of the characters from the café on the corner. 



Small Poisons

Ruthless magical realism in your own back garden



wormwood, earth and honey


Selected poems including echoes of the big bang and seafaring cows



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