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  Fiction from Christine Collette

Christine Collette spins another gripping tale of crime, violence and romance
not just for adults, but for grown ups.

Mary Malone is not in a love-triangle. Her dilemma is more personal and more professional -- what is she first, a police officer, a daughter or a lover? What are the links between the peaceful Cornish town she has made her home and the old IRA conclaves of Dublin, and gangland murders in France?

Pulling together the chain of evidence for a seemingly straightforward murder, Mary learns of a criminal triangle that threatens her life in more ways than one. She faces present-day repercussions of the Troubles in Ireland as well as unexpected and alarming connections between the case and her own friends and loved ones. The more she discovers, the greater the danger she faces.

With a lover in the drug squad and an Irish father who wrestles with a history he’d sometimes rather forget, Mary’s loyalties are seriously challenged.

Paperback ISBN 978-1-906451-91-2

 £7.99 + £2.50 p&p to UK

        + £3.50 p&p to Europe

       + £6.50 p&p to USA and RoW

ebook for Kindle

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Christine Collette, with Kate Rose, is organising

the bilingual literary festival, 27-29 August 2015, at the mediaeval town of Charroux, near her home in France.  Kate Mosse will be one of the principal speakers.  

Christine’s application to join the Societé des Auteurs des Poitou-Charentes was accepted in  January 2015.  

Christine and Kate together run Verteuil Verse, holding evenings of poetry and running creative writing workshops.  See

The Adventures of Penelope Toomey and other stories cover pic


Romance and adventure with

laughs, hair-raising dramas and a few tears.

Those of us who are not young, slim and beautiful will love Collette’s unconventional heroine. Penelope Toomey claims the right for middle-aged women to be sexy and adventurous.

Penelope Toomey – Pigs for short – is a heroine with a difference, tubby, debt-ridden and often calamitous. Her adventures range from Paris to Amsterdam, directed by an enigmatic spymaster with whom she falls in love. Romance, with a spice of danger and mystery, is the theme of many of the stories. They are balanced with descriptions of the author’s village in France that will appeal to Francophiles everywhere. 

The collection is completed by an exposé of the character of Louise Maigret, from the Simenon stories, and a follow-up to Mary Elizabeth Braddon’s Victorian sensational novel. 


In the round, the collection challenges persistent conventional ideas of women, their lives and loves, their sexuality and their capacity for adventure.


ebook ISBN 978-1-906451-47-9

now available from Hive


and Kindle 


Paperback ISBN 978-1-906451-52-3

 £7.99 + £1.50 p&p to UK

         + £2.50 p&p to Europe

       + £5 p&p to USA and RoW


Christine presented 'Penelope Toomey' at the 
31 August - 2 September 2012
Featuring Helen Dunmore,  Earlyworks Press poetry
competition winner Roger Elkin and many more,
writing  in both English and French.
order your copy by post: send a PO or UK cheque payable to Kay Green to
The Creative Media Centre, 45 Robertson Street, Hastings, Sussex TN34 1HL

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