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Into the Yell

poems by Sarah James

3rd prize winner *International Rubery Book Award 2011*


Reviewers' comments

Sarah James' poems are full of colour, a life-affirming response  to both the domestic and the fantastic. Nevertheless, they  are aware of darker shades, the grimmer side of life, relationships and the imagination. This is a varied, thought-provoking and enjoyable first collection.

 Jacqui Rowe – Poetry Society Trustee and co-director of Flarestack Poets


 Sarah James's poems are earthy, sensuous, often sexy, peopled by resonant characters, such as Shakespeare's Juliet and a stiletto-heel-wearing Inuit. Always clear-eyed and compassionate, she explores the visceral realities of the female body; the pain of infertility and post-natal depression with language that pins down her subject with surgical precision. 

Catherine Smith – award-winning poet and Poetry Book Society/Guardian ‘next generation poet’


 Sarah James deciphers the world with a wise young eye; attentive to complexity, she makes her own sense of things - and expresses it in language that is often dramatic, and always engaging.

 Meredith Andrea – co-director of Flarestack Poets


Sarah James’s first collection shows an imagination that can surprise and delight, as well as skill and confidence in her craft. I am already looking forward to seeing what she does next. 

Angela France poet and features editor of Iota

Into the Yell by Sarah James - cover pic



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More about Sarah

Sarah's events diary

Sarah's Scrapbook


Review by Lisa Fenn

I normally read novels but saw this book at an arts and music festival
and decided to give it a go. I have to say i could not put it down,
I found such a good variety of poems that really painted a picture and
some poems really made me think about life. I had a good giggle at some
as I found this book was easy to relate to. If you have never given poetry
a go before I would definitely recommend it. I always thought poetry was
for academics but this book was brilliant to pick up over a cup of coffee
and read. the way it was written just painted pictures as you read it.
It was so varied and covered every day occurrences so don't make the mistake
I made thinking poetry would be hard work. This is a gem and I guarantee
you will be chuckling away at some and wiping a tear away with others.
Hurry up and write another please you have converted me.

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