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The loveliest of all

was the Froggicorn

Kay Green & Katy Jones

"A finalist and highly recommended." - Wishing Shelf Awards 2016




Bother, Trouble and an RAF childhood - excellent blog post from S P MOSS 



The Driftwood Tree

by John Benn &

Catherine Edmunds




Gustav Holst

the Man and his Music

by Michael Short



Guest publication



CORBYN: The Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics

by Richard Seymour



Guest publication:



The Prostitute State

by Donnachadh McCarthy






The meeting place of eight poets

*eight of the best from the Earlyworks Press Poetry Collection Competition*



Georges Perec is my hero

by Caron Freeborn

*Winner of the Earlyworks Press Poetry Collection Competition, 2014*





Bacchus Wynd cover pic

Bacchus Wynd

 by Catherine Edmunds


Review by Elizabeth Barrett



The Bother in Burmeon

 by S.P. Moss


Video trailer


Crazy Bear

  by Mark Rickman




The Freak and the Idol

 by Katy Jones


Forest Brothers

 by Geraint Roberts




The Driftwood Tree

by John Benn & Catherine Edmunds


High King

 by Sue Hoffmann




Left of the Moon

 by Monica Tracey


Horace Burp cover, small

Horace Burp, Lizard Boy

by Christine Tennent



 by Catherine Edmunds


Small Poisons

 by Catherine Edmunds



Trouble in Teutonia

by S P Moss

Mary Malone Trilogy by Christine Collette cover pic


The Mary Malone Trilogy

 by Christine Collette


Forget Me Not

by Alan Gibbons

Horace Burp, Lizard Boy Hero

by Christine Tennent


Winds of October

Book 1 of

The Revolution Trilogy

by Alan Gibbons