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    Light in the Shade

     Selected Short Stories

     by Pam Eaves 

Light in the Shade cover pic

How do you escape from a morass of debt? 

How do you help someone who is desperately seeking a partner?

Everyday problems – world-shattering to those involved – are the stuff from which stories evolve. Some are tragic: a girl found dead; a terrorist attack with many fatalities, but all must be faced and overcome by ordinary people. It is people who make stories: people whose responses are endlessly fascinating.

Short stories are the essence of life; cameos of people in conflict, pain or joy. Easy to read at one sitting, a welcome escape route into others’ lives; fears and triumphs. Whether light, dark, or a surprising mix of extremes, these stories illuminate the basic instinct of us all to overcome obstacles thrown in our path and continue to strive – and survive. 




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Story Excerpts

The Sentinel
Bibbi shuddered as he saw again the puddle of blood under the thick, silver-streaked hair. Papa wouldn't be coming. He'd tell Milka later, when they were safe. Can't have her weeping and wailing and setting the little ones off. It was up to him now to get them away. 

Whatever It Takes
“We've got a new girl singer,” Max began. Testy fidgeted and looked slightly apprehensive. 
‘“Yes?” he said, inspecting his perfectly manicured nails.
‘“I don't want trouble with the band,” Max continued, watching Testy closely.

The African Queen
“I was in Africa. My bare feet were padding silently through the warm spring night, branches stripped of leaves through lack of winter rains whipped my face and shoulders as I crept through the dry forest, sensing my way to the water hole by smell and instinct.

The Dating Game

There was Beryl who wanted to meet for tea and had ‘found God’. Sadie he met in a pub and was nearly blinded by a blaze of gilt over bouncing breasts barely held in check by her scarlet blouse as she sashayed towards him. Honoria - so posh she could hardly get her words through the plum in her mouth, and loved horses passionately. She wanted someone to go hunting with. Gerald had never been on a horse in his life.

Beyond The Border
The shrill cry reverberated through close packed pine trees standing straight like sentinels, hiding the black cloud drifting above. It penetrated the sound of frantic activity; of vehicles screaming, people crying as they ran to and fro on the flat, grey landscape left behind.

He’s 40 and Single

Maggie’s on the hunt for a new man. One sniff that a single guy has moved into the flat below me and she’ll turn into a wild panther - be round my flat all hours stalking him. I don’t think I can stand it, but my life won’t be worth living if she finds out...

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