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      Small Poisons

        Magic Realism by Catherine Edmunds


The Contemporary Novel for Midsummer Night's Dreamers


With charm, wit and magical style, Catherine Edmunds conjures a fairy tale for grown-ups, a fantasy with its feet firmly on the ground ... in a place where dreams and stark reality meet.                             - Neil Marr, BeWrite Books

small poisons by Catherine Edmunds cover pic

“What if I’ve been sent to tell you that all things – from beetles to apples, woodlice to sausages – have a consciousness of their destiny and the ability to reason?”

“Well I don’t think they do,” replied Joe, “but it’s an interesting concept. Thank you.”

small poisons by Catherine Edmunds green man pic

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At Books Born in Hastings

Recommended by Susan Katz eminent New York film maker/poet

        9.50  + £2.75 p&p to UK

                     + £3.50 p&p to Europe


                     + £5 p&p RoW

ebook now available from Hive Bookstore

or in Kindle  edition.

More endorsements:

Just wanted to tell you I've finished the book and found it both disturbing and enchanting. I was completely hooked. 

This is a fabulous, original book with more layers and elements than I can count. Lulled into a sense of false security, the reader might begin to think he/she is an enchanted garden full of beauty, magic and kindness. As the dream turns into nightmare, we discover otherwise. The author has created a world that is surreal, terrifying and yet totally believable.   - Mandy Pannett, Sussex poet

"I have read mine and enjoyed it very much. When I came to the end, I felt as if I had just parted from someone I was missing very much." - travel writer Patricia McCormack

I've just finished reading Small Poisons and thoroughly enjoyed it. I expected skilful writing, imagination and a plot to make my eyeballs pop and was definitely not disappointed. You've created a magical world with some fantastic characters and lots of surprises, and it all hangs together beautifully. Awesome work - well done!  - Jan Harris

What I really liked so much about the ending was how Cathy....

Hah! You go buy the book and find out for yourself. I thoroughly recommend this novel to anyone who is prepared to suspend conventional thinking for a couple of days, who enjoys the bizarre laced with whimsy, and who revels in amusing madness and mirthful mayhem. And let’s not forget that this talented lady was the cover artist also.

I promise you, you will never look at your garden the same way again...
- John Irvine (You can read the full text of John's review in the 'Readers' Recommendations' section at

Suitable for a wide range of readers....

I haven't read it yet because my Dad saw it and wanted to read it. He was impressed. - Keith, Texas

Loved the book. So did my landlady! - Mark, London

....possibly including the dog.


Or, to order by post, please send a PO or UK cheque payable to Kay Green

to The Creative Media Centre, 45 Robertson Street, Hastings, Sussex TN34 1HL

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    Also by Catherine Edmunds





Painting isn't a job – it’s the reason for Victoria’s very existence – so how is she to bridge the gap between her art and her private life?


wormwood, earth and honey


Selected poems including echoes of the big bang and seafaring cows

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