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The Wulf Enigma by Mandy Pannett

The Wulf Enigma by Mandy Pannett - front cover

The Wulf Enigma is a beautiful novella that enacts its own theoretical position(s) about writing.  It's as though John Fowles had become a poet and then written a novella.  I don't say this simply because Pannett's poetry appears within the novella but because of a compact vision that fills the pages.  The writer understands that a novella is not a short novel but its own medium, one that can work with the compression of poetry against the dilation of prose.   This novella asks really big questions: what makes an historical novel; how do we create characters; what is the difference between poetry and prose.  And yet it does so with a lightness of touch and is never less than entertaining.  This is a text I'll return to and which will continue, I am sure, to give me joy.

- Caron Freeborn (author of Georges Perec is my Hero)


£8.99  + £2.75 p&p to UK

£8.99 + £5 p&p to Europe

£8.99 + £8 p&p outside Europe

Wolves in the moonlight prowl silently in the shadow lands of this tale.


Both real and myth, a wolf will gnaw at the edges of man’s imagination for it is the wilderness itself. Guardian of its own boundaries, it will wait.


We are creatures of memory and imagination. Remember that glimpse of someone or something waiting, beside you, behind you, gone? In just this way, figures in The Wulf Enigma will step for a moment out of the shadows, tease you with riddles, clues, questions, leave you with an imprint of themselves and their times even as they vanish.




THE WULF ENIGMA, by poet and novelist Mandy Pannett, begins with an anonymous Saxon poem. The reader might, at the start, expect a modern translation of it but instead of offering us this translation, either her own or someone else’s, she gives us a book of intriguing interpretations.


Mandy Pannett’s skilfully constructed narrative serves as her “translation/interpretation” of the poem, weaving together many elements and including some of her own poetry; we are right beside her as she writes, often taking a step back from the story in order to comment, to ask questions or supply historical background and then delving back into it again.


THE WULF ENIGMA is an ambitious and accomplished work – fresh, fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable.

  - Pansy Maurer-Alvarez

      (author of Oranges in January, In a Form of Suspension, et al)

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