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Bother, Trouble and an RAF childhood - excellent blog post from S P MOSS 



The Driftwood Tree

by John Benn &

Catherine Edmunds




Gustav Holst

the Man and his Music

by Michael Short




An Abridged History of

The Trades and Labour


by Terry McCarthy

New Edition





Guest publication



CORBYN: The Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics

by Richard Seymour



Guest publication:



The Prostitute State

by Donnachadh McCarthy






The meeting place of eight poets

*eight of the best from the Earlyworks Press Poetry Collection Competition*



Georges Perec is my hero

by Caron Freeborn

*Winner of the Earlyworks Press Poetry Collection Competition, 2014*




Book One info...

Horace Burp, Lizard Boy Hero - book two cover

Book Two info...


Horace Burp's life is about to change

but he doesn't know it yet.

The day his skin goes green

things start to get colourful.

Then he goes red,

then yellow, then blue!


Faced with the bullying Beefy Bogey Gang,

a crazy vet called Pongo Fish

some escaped rattle snakes

and a manic PE teacher,

Horace finds his chameleon powers *

can come in pretty handy.


Horace Burp, Lizard Boy (aged 8)

Wicked fun!


*A chameleon is a colour-changing lizard.


The second Horace Burp story, Horace Burp, Lizard Boy Hero

8.99. Release date October 2016


Beasts, baddies, bombs and other adventures in time from S. P. Moss




See the past come alive! Video trailer

Bother in Burmeon paperback


7.49  + 2.75 p&p to UK


          7.49 + 5 p&p to Eu

       7.49 + 8 p&p outside Eu

Or to order by post, please send a PO or UK cheque payable to Kay Green to The Creative Media Centre, 45 Robertson Street, Hastings, Sussex TN34 1HL


 Trouble in Teutonia - is it a sequel or a prequel? Only time can tell!



The Loveliest of all was the





by Kay Green & Katy Jones



Giants, unicorns, mermaids, dragons...



They're very famous, everyone knows what they are,

even though (shh!) they may not quite... 

exactly... er... exist.

But no-one had heard of the Froggicorn. 

Why is that, when The Ancient Teller of Stories thought the Froggicorn was The Loveliest Mythical Beast of Them All?

More info...